“The Sportsman”


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“The SPORTSMAN” concept, a Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane collaboration, is about the feeling of walking into an old pre-70′s Army/Navy surplus store, with its stacks of Americana bits and pieces, piles of New Old Stock ‘unfashionable’ clothes… Things for dudes, with a non-trend approach.

Launching its first episode in Spring 2013, ‘The SPORTSMAN’ line will not have a specific story with fictitious characters behind it, and will just be about a Mister Freedom® take on beloved classic items we like to wear around here.
The idea is not to re-invent the wheel nor come up with the banana-bending-machine, but rather to put our twist on time tested garments such as chino pants, work shirts, blue jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets…
Style influences and references for ‘The Sportsman’ line will be drawn from the same mixed bag vault of vintage photos, old silhouettes, California, 1940′s-70′s movies, mental pictures and record covers and vintage clothing that have always inspired us.
We will continue to carry these items at the MF® store all year round and restock when possible.

New pieces will be introduced every season and added to ‘The Sportsman’ catalog.
The fabrics we will use will either be New Old Stock (NOS) from USA/Europe or milled in Japan from vintage swatches from our crowded archives.
We will thrive to have it all ethically made in USA, and not mass produced in China or Bangladesh (we’re still holding those grounds.)
Our friends at Sugar Cane Co will have our back and help out with providing outstanding patterns, trim sourcing and fabric milling.
Quality and value will be what you have come to expect from us, style what you have seen us do for a few years. As with the rest of the things we make, we guarantee that each piece of ‘The Sportsman’ will age nicely with proper wear. We have been told that our products retain market value as well, not a bad thing in this disposable goods market…

Here is a line-up of the usual suspects:

Sportsman Shirt popelineSportsman Shirt stripeSportsman Shirt chambraySkivvy Tshirt WhiteSkivvy SageSkivvy NavySportsman ChinosRevolutionnaire Mister Freedom®