Mister Freedom® Original Indigo dyed vintage Henleys

Mister Freedom Indigo Dyed Henleys

As we mentionned on twitter, Mister Freedom® has its own in-house INDIGO VAT 😉
I’ve been wanting a vat for the longest time and all it took was a bit of research and trial by error… Not willing to compete with centuries of experienced indigo dyeing from the Old World, but just wanted to crack the magic of the process.
So off we go: Very small batches of garments are coming out, with that fascinating color I never get tired of looking at. Different shades, according to number of dips, textile, ‘health’ of the vat, winds and moods.
It’s done about the same way folks used to over-dye garments in the back of the house 100 years ago.
Each piece comes out unique, irregular… but all indigo blue!

We have hand dyed a limited batch of vintage New Old Stock Henleys, three buttons, all cotton, 3/4 sleeves, 1940’s~50’s Swiss Government military issue (the Swiss know their Henleys…)
Different manufacturers/contracts/specs/knit, found dead stock in a military surplus warehouse.
After the hand dyeing process, we re-labelled the shirt to stamp the vat date.
The core of the cotton yarn is still of the original natural color, the indigo color on the outer surface of the fiber. The shirts will fade with repeat washing and wear.
They have been cold washed with gentle detergent, but some indigo bleeding might still occur.

Available WASHED and pre-shrunk
Sizes Assorted
(because of the nature of the cotton knitt, the shirts stretch and are difficult to measure. We will ‘guess’ sizes from S to L). They look good tight and stretched out, as an undershirt should fit.
Retail $149.95

Call the store at (323) 653-2014 or Email  sales@misterfreedom.com  to get yours while they last. We ship internationally