Mister Freedom® x SugarCane MFSC Fall 2011 (Part 3): Le PALETOT “Apache”

Paletot Apache Mister Freedom MFSC

Les Apaches, Fall 2011 MFSC Collection, Part 3: Le PALETOT Apache

The term paletot is French old school slang to describe a coat or jacket. There are stories of wise guys stitching razor blades to the back of their paletot lapels: pretty dettering for someone wanting to grab you by the collar after a game of biribi gone wrong… (cf.  “tomber sur le pal’tot“)

Our MFSC paletot is inspired by early French garb, work coats, outdoor jackets…
Two colors of moleskine “Peau de Diable” options, and one in indigo métisse twill.

PATTERN: All original MFSC pattern and fit.
FABRIC: Three options
a) BLACK moleskine: Heavy 100% cotton moleskine, the French choice of workwear and outdoor washable fabric since the 1800’s. Moleskine is a tightly woven twill, with a napped surface. The close weave makes this fabric almost windproof, warm, insulating and very durable. It performs much better than denim does, but is very expensive to mill. Our 100% cotton moleskine is milled in Japan, to the specs of a 1900s swatch from our archives.
b) CREAM moleskine
c) INDIGO métisse cotton twill:
9.7 oz. indigo dyed twill blend, 70% cotton and 30% linen, un-sanforized. The yarn core is white, the indigo outer has a purple blue shade typical of early french indigo work clothes. Fades, bleeds and reacts to sun light… Milled in Japan in limited batch.
This option is the same fabric the veste ouvrier is made of, so it will fade to this with wear.
This option is also EXCLUSIVE to Mister Freedom® Los Angeles location and not available in Japan.
LINING: Full body lining with 100% cotton stripe MFSC ticking. Arms lining with lightweight all cotton MFSC stripe ticking.
BUTTONS: Original MFSC Corozo natural wood buttons. (aka “vegetable ivory”, corozo buttons where an hi-end option for suiting from the 1900’s to 1940’s.)
* Leather dart pocket corners
* Three front flap pockets, with NOS Bedford cord pocket bags.
* Hidden chest pocket
* Cinch back strap, with french NOS sharp prong metal buckle.
* Throat latch
* Slanted button holes
* All cotton thread tonal stitching, french seams, no overlock/open seams inside and out.
PACKAGING: The garment comes in an individual old school chipboard box, exclusive to MF®.
The original oil painting was masterfully executed by Mr. PATRICK SEGUI of RIVETED blog fame, and a paper print of his artwork is featured on the Apache Collection box tops of the Fall 2011 Collection.
Please recycle those boxes, they can be used for home storage of small items.
WASHING: All three options come RAW/unwashed.
Hand wash with care (or very gentle wash cycle), cold water, no dryer. Wash the black moleskine option inside/out to avoid marbeling.
Use no soap/detergent with the indigo métisse, and hand wash only when really needed, to maximize the beauty of natural fading.

MFSC Paletot Sizing

LIMITED EDITION. Garment designed in California by MISTER FREEDOM® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.
The Indigo Métisse option is EXCLUSIVE to Mister Freedom® Los Angeles location and not available in Japan.

Available RAW (unwashed)
Sizes S
(92), M (97), L (102), XL (107), XXL (112)
Retail $749.95

Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com or  jordan@misterfreedom.com  to get yours while they last. We ship internationally.
Thank you for your support.