Mister Freedom® Original veg-tan cowhide “STRONGMAN CUFF”

Mister Freedom® Strongman Cuff POSTER

Mister Freedom® original cowhide leather “STRONGMAN CUFF”

Inspired by turn of the Century carnival imagery, brawlers, loading dock workers and drudges, here is our take on what served the purpose of keeping your wrist protected while heavy lifting. Those cuffs were often matched with a kidney belt.
In the style of early traveling dentists’ advertising claims, besides instantly winning or earning you “fame, hearts, elections, bouts and the lottery“, they should make lifting that mouse off that pad a breeze 😉

We used high grade American veg-tan natural cowhide, equestrian quality NOS alloy steel roller buckles, hand set brass rivets, and an original MF® die cut one piece pattern.
The debossed MF® branding is concealed under the wrap around strap and doesn’t show when worn. Three holes on the double straps allow adjustment to your own wrist size. They might feel a bit tight and stiff at first, but when worn on a daily basis, the leather slightly stretches and ‘molds’ to your wrist. You will also get a nice natural patina with normal use and rubbing (no problems to wash your hands with it, just remove when sleeping, or in the shower.)
I wear mine with the buckles on the wrist outside, with the double straps on top, but you will figure out what works for you.

There are two veg-tan leather options: NATURAL (untreated) and BLACK (hand surface-dyed, not dipped, aka tea-core).
As with the rest of our products, we do not offer “aged” versions of those cuffs. Be a good sport, we did half the work, you do the rest 😉

Hand made in California, US of A.

Available RAW/untreated.
One size fits most.
Retail: $129.95

Call (323) 653-2014 or email sales@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally.
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