The “FREIGHTER” bag, recycled Government Issued surplus, USA made.

Freighter Mister Freedom® ©2013


Freighter Mister Freedom® ©2013



The “FREIGHTER” Bag, Made in USA
by Mister Freedom®


Although Antiques are green, this bag, 100% made from recycled bits and pieces, is red.

The ‘freighter’ is pieced together from recycled vintage Government Issued gear found in surplus warehouses.
We turned a small batch of vintage canvas mail bags from the “Department of State, Air Freight” (1970s-80s) into tote bags, a bat will be able to spot you with in the thickest jungle.
The bottom of those bags had been very roughly splattered or dipped in a hot rubber compound, for water proofing when in transit. Whoever was assigned the rubberizing stage of the manufacturing process was obviously paying attention to something else.
Each bag was originally stenciled and numbered.
The straps/handles are GI as well. They came out of a US military NOS wooden crate from 1967, and were originally strap down webbing straps used for transport/shipping purposes.

The original mail bags we recycled were very roughly, albeit efficiently and sturdily, constructed. Meant to be thrown around carelessly and intended to be visible in an ocean of cargo on the tarmac, they are not of a delicate or refine nature. Red and rugged.
When it comes to bags, the Mister Freedom® “Freighter” shares many similarities with the Hermès “Kelly”, as can be clearly seen on the photos. Our “Freighter”, however, is believed to be more practical as a grocery shopping/beach bag.

Designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®. Limited edition.

* 100% cotton canvas from recycled Government Issued mail bags with period stenciling. Rubberized bottom.
* Cotton webbing handles, mil-spec 1670-360-0540, olive green with red woven ID stripes.
* Four outer ‘kangaroo’ pockets
* Approx dimensions: Length 19” x Height 17” x Depth 5”
* Genuine parachute tie attached to grommet.
* Two side D rings.
* Olive Drab poly-cotton thread stitching.
* Weighs about 730g. (~1.6 Lbs)
* MF® painted stencil (will flake off.)
* Washable: When needed wash in warm water, inside out. Hang dry.
* Un-lined. (Please note that the rubberizing heat process penetrates the fabric and rubber can be seen going through the canvas, when looking inside the bag. It is not dirt.)
* Limited edition.
* Each piece is uniquely imperfect.

Retail $229.95

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Thank you for your support. And thank you in advance to the Hermès legal team for their sense of humor.
Please note that the top photo shows an early prototype of the “Freighter” (it had white stitching). Production comes as shown in the other photos.