From the Mister Freedom® HQ: This is how we measure our garments, post-shrinkage.

Mister Freedom® Measuring Guidelines

Garments initially purchased directly from tend to come raw/loomstate/unwashed (unless otherwise specified), because we refuse to indulge in industrial washing, its water waste and polluting consequences.
But we understand that fine-tuning sizing with raw garments can be a bit challenging at times, especially when cut from un-sanforized fabrics.
To facilitate things, we provide post-shrinkage measurements for all of our washable garments, available under each item’s Size Chart link.
Mister Freedom® garments are cut so that post-shrinkage measurements determine the actual tagged size. Some of our garments come oversized for that reason.
Our simple in-house shrinking process consists of a ~30mn cold soak/machine spin dry/line dry. Hot washing/heat drying are not recommended and may lead to excessive shrinkage/discoloration/damage etc…

In order to fine-tune the size that will best work for you, a good trick is to measure a garment of similar style that you own (and like the fit of), and match it to our Size Chart reflecting post-shrinkage measurements.
Photos above show how we go about measuring, following the initial soak/line dry routine: lay the garment atop a reliable metal ruler (cheap plastic measuring tapes tend to stretch over time), flatten out fabric wrinkles, fabric straight but not stretched/pulled, and follow above guidelines.
The Sizing/Fit tab under each garment will also provide insights on style/silhouette/fabric stretch/etc…

For assistance, please send all product enquiries to

Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®