Mister Freedom® x PALLADIUM®: La Chaussure “PALLADENIM”


Introducing the “PALLADENIM”®, a traditional PALLADIUM® shoe design, revisited by MISTER FREEDOM®

For a kid like me, growing up partly in France and Africa, the brand PALLADIUM® meant sneakers (we called them baskettes) and outdoor shoes. Everyone owned a pair…
So when talks about a collaboration MFxP® initiated over a year ago, I had two words: OUI MESSIEURS!… And called my Mum right away…
Flipping through an old cherished photo album my Dad, Gérard Loiron, had put together when doing his two years in the French military in Algeria, I found several shots of him wearing government issued chaussures de brousse. The year was 1956, my Dad was 24, and wearing a pair of Palladium!

Starting in the late 1940’s PALLADIUM® contracted with the French military to supply troops with rugged, functional, durable and comfortable footwear. PALLADIUM® manufactured gym shoes and outdoor boots (the legendary Chaussure Pampa, Pallabrousse…), supplying Légion Etrangère, Armée de l’Air, Marine Nationale
Non related, but there are a few shots of Steve McQueen wearing his Pallabrousse in the very excellent book “The Last Mile” by Barbara McQueen.

That’s ol’ school enough for me

* Inspired by 1950’s Government issued French military chaussure de brousse, the enlisted man jungle boot during the French Indochina and Algerian campaign.
* Traditional PALLADIUM® last, sole and panel pattern.
* Upper made of New Old Stock indigo selvedge denim, 12 oz., origin USA.
* Lining made of vintage NOS 100% cotton stripe twill, origin USA.
* Black vulcanized rubber sole.
* Canvas reinforced eyelet backing.
* Inside lining hand stamped with military style ink size markings.
* Original MFxP® artwork printed sock liner for comfort.
* Original molded MFxP® ankle rubber bumpers.
* 100% cotton olive drab bias taping.
* Original MFxP® rayon woven tongue label.
* Packaged in original MFxP® printed box.
* Small run, limited edition.

All design, pattern and artwork property of PALLADIUM® www.palladiumboots.com

Available RAW (UN-ISSUED)
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NOTE: The first three photos are of a WORN pair of PALLADENIM®, I road tested on/off for about 2 months, and left in the California sun for a while. Production comes RAW, unwashed, not fakely distressed, not faded, or as we like to put it UN-ISSUED. So your shoes will have 100% mileage left in them when you receive them.

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