New Web Shop for Mister Freedom®

Mister Freedom® Website ScreenShoot ©2013

Mister Freedom® Website ScreenShoot ©2013


Happy to introduce our new Web Shop at

Save for a few funny typos, that site is now fully active 24/7, while the brick & mortar is “11pm – 6pm”. Long days, eh? 😉
Cart, International shipping, secure Paypal processed payments and all that good stuff.
We also found some hidden boxes in storage with some Mister Freedom® originals “New Old Stock” from older MFSC® collections…

This previous blog form of Mister Freedom® related news will stay active and regularly updated with its ‘relevant or not’ usual content, but has now a new URL.
Warm thanks to Thomas, our web guru/designer, for all the hard work and for handling this mind boggling technical transfer and upgrade.

Thank you all for the support,

Christophe Loiron