Ye Olde Sportsman Shirt, Tartan edition. Made in USA by a savvy group of experts.

Sportsman Tartan Mister Freedom Fall 2014



Sportsman Tartan Mister Freedom Fall 2014

Sportsman Tartan Mister Freedom Fall 2014


Sportsman Tartan Mister Freedom Fall 2014



Sportsman Shirt, Tartan edition.
“The Sportsman” catalog, Fall 2014

This might come as a disappointing piece of news to you, but if you were thinking of sporting a Balmoral Tartan kilt this winter, fuhgeddaboudit. You’d need the approval of Her Majesty The Queen. I heard this takes a while. She’s busy.

Forgeteth about it

A Tartan could be described as “a design which is capable of being woven consisting of two or more alternating coloured stripes which combine vertically and horizontally to form a repeated chequered pattern“, as per the very official Scottish Register Of Tartans.
It turns out some of the 90°-angled geometrical designs we, barbarians, refer to as plaids find their origin in the Highlands of XVIIIth Century Scotland. With such a rich historical background to explore, it is tempting for me to rewind back to 1538, and mention King James V’s hose. No, not the courtesans, the plaid tights he wore.

James V of Scotland's selfie

James V of Scotland’s selfie

So, before this gets out of hand, here is where Mister Freedom® cometh in.
At this point, you’re saying “Show me da goods foo! Where’s my MF® F/W 2014 ERDL kilt?!”
Holdeth thy horses Sire, I says. That’s up next season. For now, alas, we have opted to entertain your brave heart spirit with a simple Sportsman Shirt, in two funky fresh options:
a) A cloth in the style of a “Dress Stewart” tartan, woven plaid with a red dominant, 50% cotton 50% linen blend.
b) A cloth in the style of a “Dress Menzies” tartan, woven plaid with a white dominant, 50% cotton 50% linen blend.
Both fabric options are milled in 日本, Empire of the Sun.
Ali Ghetto, don’t touch my mustache.

The shirt pattern is our classic Sportsman Shirt body, featuring the usual signature details such as inverted box-pleat pocketing, shoulder expansion pleats, inside green chain-stitch, metal cast buttons, side gussets, chin strap, American manufacture…
Now, on a side note, dig this.
Our local factory decided to improvise and share with us their open-edge side gusset technique. Thanks guys, that’s very special. This is the same group of savvy experts who had, in the past, opted to overlock the edge of a perfectly fine vintage selvedge chambray fabric so that… it wouldn’t unravel.


I respect your talent, but my wife doesn’t like it

This time, while checking this proudly made in USA production, we realized the single layer gusset piece had, not only no selvedge, but was cut on a bias with unfinished edges (a traditional gusset is either a selvedge single layer or folded over double layer piece of fabric)…
Luckily, this flaw will in no way jeopardize the integrity of the seam of our shirt. But the edge of the gussets will fray with washing. Rugged daddy style, which some brands charge extra for.
Of course this stays between you and I. Let’s just say Mister Freedom® is starting a trend here. Soon at a mall near you, as we’ve seen worse things catch on.

Liz called and said we’d better fix the gussets, and on the quickness. So we can all move on, here is what we did. The shirts will come with hemmed side gussets, as picture front and back on these macro shots. The fellow staring at your gussets next to you will see a top stitch.
We understand if this is unacceptable to some, and will gladly suggest other options. We’re not pushy.

Our Sportsman Shirt Tartan edition is designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co, with the help of a few local skilled geniuses. Fabric milled in Japan.


PATTERN: An original MFSC pattern, inspired by our usual vintage influences.

Two options
a) A “Dress Stewart” style fabric (woven plaid with a red dominant), 50% cotton 50% linen. Milled in Japan.
b) A “Dress Menzies” style fabric (woven plaid with a white dominant), 50% cotton 50% linen. Milled in Japan.

* Relaxed silhouette and fit.
* Original chest inverted box-pleat double pockets.
* Slim chin strap.
* Full button front.
* MF® original olive green painted embossed metal buttons, combination solid and MFSC branding.
* White cotton popeline button facing strip.
* Double front & back expansion pleats on shoulder yoke.
* One piece cuff gusset.
* 100% cotton thread, high stitch count.
* Flat felled seams, with inside green chain-stitch MF® signature.
* Fashion-forward side gussets, very special.
* Original “The SPORTSMAN” woven rayon label.
* Made in California, USA.

This plaid shirt comes raw/unwashed and both options will shrink to tagged size.
We recommend an initial cold rinse and line dry. Do not use hot water or heat dryer, as this will result in excessive shrinkage.
It is the nature of linen to always look wrinkled after being rinsed. This is not a flaw, but one of the few differences between linen and polyester jersey.
Our blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton feels quite ‘dry’ and will soften overtime, with normal wash & wear cycles.

If you are usually a Medium in mfsc shirting, you are a Medium in the Sportsman Tartan.
Please refer to our sizing chart for measurements of raw and cold-rinse/line-dry garments.

Plaid Sportsman Shirt - Red Plaid Sportsman Shirt Black-Navy

Available RAW/unwashed.
14½ (Small)
15½ (Medium)
16½ (Large)
17½ (X-Large)
18½ (XX-Large)

RETAIL $289.95

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