Mister Freedom® Jean Tote, NOS selvedge denim, made in USA.


Mister Freedom® JEAN TOTE, New Old Stock selvedge denim.
Made in USA.

If you are still requesting plastic bags from your local grocery store, like there’s not enough garbage in the ocean, consider this. Wouldn’t you rather get repeatedly complimented by impressed cashiers and handsome strangers on how cool your shopping bag is?…
When it comes to having a permanent tote that will gracefully age in the car trunk, the MF® Jean Tote is the bee’s knees.

Et tu Bora Bora?.. (Note: This photo taken in 2016 is not representative of the beautiful French Polynesia island.)

Our New Old Stock denim tote was initially designed for personal use, around the time California legislated on the banning of complimentary single-use plastic bags in grocery stores. Small batches were subsequently made available for purchase at the MF® HQ, and “Bazar” in Venice. Amusingly, it didn’t take too long for copy cats to get on it, and things went full circle when an unwitting tourist walked into “Bazar” in early 2016, carrying a knock-off specimen allegedly bought in Dubai… The lady was kind enough to let us take a photo ?

Knock-off of the MF® Jean Tote (2016).

So, there it is, officially released. The Mister Freedom® Jean Tote features a playful and simple design, is sturdy, practical, lightweight and stylish, and is not made by unpaid Turkish workers.

Sizes may vary according to the specific width of the NOS selvedge denim twill we use, but proportions are kept, for visual balance and functionality.
This batch is about 16’’ x 16’’ (not counting the webbing handles).

The hand-made debossed leather patches we use on these bags didn’t make it on our Californian Blue Jeans, due to heat-stamping imperfections, which won’t matter much after laundry. Some of these patches actually date back from our 2010 original Lot.54 Californian release!

The Mister Freedom® JEAN TOTE is designed and made in California, USA.

More interesting facts about our oceans’ health can be found in this article.

An original MF® groundbreaking design.
* Assorted New Old Stock premium selvedge denim, 100% cotton. Indigo color may vary from batch to batch.
* 100& cotton sturdy woven webbing.
Low maintenance. Launder when needed, turn inside-out, cold water, minimal eco-friendly detergent. Hang dry.

Available Raw/Unwashed.
Retail $69.95

Available from www.misterfreedom.com and our Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®


Mister Freedom® “TRIPPER Bag”, Type 3, Camo. Made in USA.

Tripper Type3 Mister Freedom 2013


Tripper Type3 Mister Freedom 2013


Tripper Type3 Mister Freedom 2013



Time for yet another updated version of our original denim ‘Tripper bag‘ we made in 2010, sold out for some time.
The pattern has not changed from the original Type 1 or Type 2 “Tripper”, but we have updated several elements such as the lining/webbing/trims…

We found a roll of selvedge New Old Stock camo twill, older but of uncertain origin, and decide to have a ‘Jungle’ version of our ‘Tripper’.
It will become very handy when flipped inside out and worn over your head, during an angry gorilla attack in the jungle. Stand still. You will notice that the charging primate, having lost all traces of you, usually loses interest. If not, swiftly remove the bag and retreat.

This limited edition “TRIPPER Bag, Type 3, Camo″ is ‘Mister Freedom® built’, right here in our Los Angeles atelier. In other words, designed and hand made in the USA.


PATTERN: Original Mister Freedom® pattern

Shell: Assorted New Old Stock indigo selvedge raw denim, ~13+ Oz.
Lining: NOS 100% cotton selvedge twill, camo print, ‘tiger stripe’ style.

Webbing handles: NOS Cotton webbing, mil-spec 1670-360-0540, olive green with red woven ID stripes.
Top closure: Recycled military cotton webbing. Inside metal “D” ring for keys.
* Approx. Size: Length 16” x Width 8” x Height  15”
Two outside box-pleat pockets, vintage A2 type “United Carr” snap closure for flap.
Two inside side pockets
One inside large pocket 14.5” by 11” , snap closure (fits a Mac Notebook, or a phone book, because we all carry a phone book around)
* OD dyed HBT tape on inside seam, mil-specs.
* Visible denim selvedge on inside only.
* Tonal stitching.
* White ID tape underneath outside pocket, for your perso custom marking/stenciling.
* “Property of MF” original stencil.
* Limited Edition.
* Made in USA.

(Cold soaked and hung dry, One Size. Retail $449.95)
Available from www.misterfreedom.com

Thank you for your support.

The “FREIGHTER” bag, recycled Government Issued surplus, USA made.

Freighter Mister Freedom® ©2013


Freighter Mister Freedom® ©2013



The “FREIGHTER” Bag, Made in USA
by Mister Freedom®


Although Antiques are green, this bag, 100% made from recycled bits and pieces, is red.

The ‘freighter’ is pieced together from recycled vintage Government Issued gear found in surplus warehouses.
We turned a small batch of vintage canvas mail bags from the “Department of State, Air Freight” (1970s-80s) into tote bags, a bat will be able to spot you with in the thickest jungle.
The bottom of those bags had been very roughly splattered or dipped in a hot rubber compound, for water proofing when in transit. Whoever was assigned the rubberizing stage of the manufacturing process was obviously paying attention to something else.
Each bag was originally stenciled and numbered.
The straps/handles are GI as well. They came out of a US military NOS wooden crate from 1967, and were originally strap down webbing straps used for transport/shipping purposes.

The original mail bags we recycled were very roughly, albeit efficiently and sturdily, constructed. Meant to be thrown around carelessly and intended to be visible in an ocean of cargo on the tarmac, they are not of a delicate or refine nature. Red and rugged.
When it comes to bags, the Mister Freedom® “Freighter” shares many similarities with the Hermès “Kelly”, as can be clearly seen on the photos. Our “Freighter”, however, is believed to be more practical as a grocery shopping/beach bag.

Designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®. Limited edition.

* 100% cotton canvas from recycled Government Issued mail bags with period stenciling. Rubberized bottom.
* Cotton webbing handles, mil-spec 1670-360-0540, olive green with red woven ID stripes.
* Four outer ‘kangaroo’ pockets
* Approx dimensions: Length 19” x Height 17” x Depth 5”
* Genuine parachute tie attached to grommet.
* Two side D rings.
* Olive Drab poly-cotton thread stitching.
* Weighs about 730g. (~1.6 Lbs)
* MF® painted stencil (will flake off.)
* Washable: When needed wash in warm water, inside out. Hang dry.
* Un-lined. (Please note that the rubberizing heat process penetrates the fabric and rubber can be seen going through the canvas, when looking inside the bag. It is not dirt.)
* Limited edition.
* Each piece is uniquely imperfect.

Retail $229.95

Available from www.misterfreedom.com
Thank you for your support. And thank you in advance to the Hermès legal team for their sense of humor.
Please note that the top photo shows an early prototype of the “Freighter” (it had white stitching). Production comes as shown in the other photos.

Mister Freedom® “Tripper” Denim Bag

MF® Tripper bag (front)

MISTER FREEDOM® “Tripper” Denim Bag.

The latest addition to Mister Freedom® Originals is the “TRIPPER”…A sturdy denim tote bag for around town, weekend trips or (fun, fun, fun) air traveling. Made in our Los Angeles work shop. Guaranteed to beautify with use and abuse.


* Pattern: An all original Mister Freedom® pattern.
* Shell: New old stock 13.5 oz. indigo selvedge Denim, origin USA.
* Lining: Assorted New old stock ticking/hickory stripe 100% cotton. (Each batch is made with different NOS fabrics)
* Webbing: Recycled vintage military heavy cotton straps. All around handles can be used to carry over shoulder.
* Top closure: Recycle Swiss military cotton webbing. Inside brass “D” ring for keys.
* Size: Length 16” x Width 7” x Height  15”
* Pockets:
Two outside gusset snap flap pockets, vintage A2 type “United Carr” snap closure.
Two inside side pockets
One inside large pocket 14.5” by 11” , snap closure (fits a Mac Notebook)
* Stitching: Sturdy 100% cotton thread hi-count white stitching.
* Rivets: Copper riveting
* Labeling: Original MF® embossed leather patch.
* Origin: Made in US of A, in limited quantities.

(Rinsed and hung dry, One Size. Retail $449.95)

Note: The photo of the folded ‘tripper’ is my used perso bag, after about 2 years of use and two wash.

Call (323) 653-2014 or mail sales@misterfreedom.com for more infos. Available from our eStore www.misterfreedom.com
We ship almost world wide.