Mister Freedom® “TRIPPER Bag”, Type 2, Denim.

Mister Freedom® TRIPPER Bag Type 2 ©2013


Mister Freedom® “TRIPPER Bag”, Denim, Type 2
Made in USA

Time for an updated version of our original denim ‘Tripper bag‘ we made in 2010, sold out for some time.
The pattern has not changed from the original Type 1 “Tripper”, but we have updated several elements such as the lining/webbing/trims…

I have used mine pretty much everyday for about 2 years, and I’m quite attached to it. We like to make things that look better with age and wear, so my beat-up Type 1 bag now looks better than when new and raw, which is better than the other way around 😉
You know by now where I stand on factory distressed denim/garments, so I’ll spare you the usual rant. The TRIPPER only comes cold rinse/hang dry. Because of the starch in the denim fibers, the bag will feels stiff when new, but will break and soften-up gradually with use.
Basically, we do the easy part of putting it together, you take it from there and make it look nice 😉

For reference, the photo below is my Type-1, shot in April 2013.

Tripper Bag Type 1 Mister Freedom® ©2010

Perso Type 1 Tripper, used for about 2 years

The limited edition “TRIPPER Bag, Type 2” is ‘Mister Freedom® built’, right here in our Los Angeles atelier. In other words, designed and hand made in the USA.


PATTERN: Original Mister Freedom® pattern

Shell: Assorted New Old Stock indigo selvedge raw denim, about 13 Oz.
Lining: NOS woven stripe ticking, 100% cotton.

Webbing: Sturdy 100% cotton straps, unbleached white with woven navy blue stripes.
Top closure: Recycled military cotton webbing. Inside metal “D” ring for keys.
* Approx. Size: Length 16” x Width 8” x Height  15”
Two outside box-pleat pockets, vintage A2 type “United Carr” snap closure for flap.
Two inside side pockets
One inside large pocket 14.5” by 11” , snap closure (fits a Mac Notebook, or a phone book, because we all carry a phone book around)
* Indigo dyed HBT tape on inside seam.
* Visible denim selvedge on inside only.
* Tonal stitching
* White ID tape underneath outside pocket, for your perso custom marking/stenciling.
* Limited Edition.

(Rinsed and hung dry, One Size. Retail $449.95)
Available from www.misterfreedom.com