Mister Freedom® MFSC Deck Jacket Type N-1H “Troy” Issue

MFSC Deck Jacket Troy issue "N-1Hmd"

N-1-H-md-(2)N1Htroy-(2) N1Htroy-(4) N1Htroy-(5) N1Htroy-(6)

We figured it was the perfect 92  degree day here in sunny Los Angeles to be dropping the 2010 MISTER FREEDOM® x SUGAR CANE MFSC Fall line!
We’ll start heavy with our modified type N-1H “Troy” Deck Jacket. We re-issued that winner because we can’t get enough of it…

* PATTERN: An original MFSC pattern inspired by 1940’s US Navy deck gear, combining elements of early deck jackets, MFSC way.
* FABRIC: 14 oz. all cotton “jungle cloth”, originally developed for the US Navy for its sturdiness/softness/strength/protection qualities while at sea under harsh conditions. Milled to exact 1940’s US Mil specs. Navy Colour. All wool knit cuffs and stand up collar.
* LINING: Reprocessed wool “Troy” blanket, stripe.
* TRIMS: Silver “Hookless” zipper and black metal USN hook clasps closing the wind flap.
* INNER LAYER: An original 1940’s US Navy issued gear feature, a cotton ‘organdy’ wax coated layer, for wind proofing (the creaking noise will disappear after a few days of wear)
* Designed in California by MISTER FREEDOM® , manufactured in Japan by SUGAR CANE Co.

Available one rinse
Size 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Retail $869.95

Call John at (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally.



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