Mister Freedom® vintage fabrics “Cotton Sack Coats”

MF® Cotton Sack Coat wall rig1

We have cooked up a little something for our California hot summer… 😎
With vintage New Old Stock fabrics from our archives that we have limited yardage of, we have run a small production batch of “Cotton Sack Coats”.
The pattern is an updated version of our “Bourgeron Biribi”, with rounder front panels and collar.
Those jackets are a cross over between cotton blazer, French work jacket and early sack coats. They are on the “shorter side” in body length and look great layered, with a vest…

The buttons we used vary, according to the fabrics (and our mood.)
Some are NOS ox-bone buttons, from a 1930’s batch found in France, some vintage metal buttons, old  salvaged corozo buttons etc…
All single needle machine construction, 100% cotton thread, french seams (no dreadful overlock), selvedge button facing panel.

Fabrics options are many, not all featured on the photos. Selvedge cotton chambrays, twills, calicoes, indigoes, woven stripes, plain weave, coutil… all mostly of French origin 1920’s~1950’s. Those rare NOS textile limited yardages can now enjoy a second life, away from their dusty storage shelf and out in the real World 😉

All the coats are cold rinsed (or fully washed when needed) and dried. Sizing is a bit ‘fluctuating’, as shrinkage is out of control when using that many fabrics and one pattern. But we size stamped the garments after shrinkage, so fit is somewhat consistent with what we usually do.

Designed and made in CALIFORNIA, USA.

Available rinsed (or washed). Preshrunk
(for ze ladies)

Retail: from $359.95 to $449.95 (prices vary according to fabric rarity/what they cost us/availability)

Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com or jordan@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship almost everywhere internationally.
Thank you for your support.



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