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If mixing old and new is nothing new in fashion, we at Mister Freedom® have an urge to explain why every time we do it.
Semiotics are often not a big concern for trend bloggers and fashion publications, but because MF® has chosen for the past ten years to address a mature, discerning audience, this blog exists. Most of us deserve and should be interested in actually knowing about what’s on our backs, how and why a garment came to be, let alone where it was manufactured.
Often, and to better illustrate the release of specific pieces, we will share slices of History, along with the Mister Freedom® fashion fiction. I personally would find very little satisfaction in illustrating and documenting my work with mere Pitti Uomo snapshots of dudes on ciggy breaks. Participating in cat videos going viral is great, but sharing meaningful and useful content feels even better. As a bonus, on a self-serving business level, the Mister Freedom® background stories ensure that one is well-informed about our intentions before frantically banging on the ol’ keyboard about our garments. ?

Speaking of cowboys, here is a brief cosmetic yet functional update for my perso MF® x Tailor Toyo “Saigon Cowboy” Party Jacket from 2015. It was an early prototype and, unlike the released production run, did not have pockets on the ERDL side. Finally got to remedy that by adding one pocket, got too lazy for two, salvaged from an old torn-up 1968 US Army jungle shirt. Note that I had to open the zipper seam in order to stitch the pocket to the camo side only, and not to all layers.
For the story, worn-out uniforms were often recycled in the field. The valuable fabric could be turned into a custom cover, extras pockets could be added to another fatigue shirt for extra storage on long patrols… Anecdotally, some elite Navy Seals team members seem to have had their civvy blue jeans fitted with recycled jungle fatigues cargo-style pockets, a rather unusual bit we had hinted at while introducing our Lot.64 “Okinawa Advisor” dungarees.

On a much less heroic front, having an extra pocket on my jacket sure beats fondling for one when not wearing the garment denim side out. I also find the texture/color contrast of vintage rip-stop ERDL next to our mfsc cotton poplin ERDL quite interesting.
Overtime, I’ve added old patches, custom hand stitching and pins, not to pretend I nor my jacket has seen the bush, but for the contemporary relevance of the message carried by our Vietnam War-inspired Party Jacket.
One might notice the circa 1968 vintage LBJ “Kill For Peace” button , in good ol’ serial killer panda fashion.

"Are you taukin to me?"

“Are you taukin to me, again, foo?”

Mister Freedom®



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