“SHIRT, L/S, MAN’S, COTTON, TUBULAR KNIT” by Mister Freedom®

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Freshly in, limited runs of Long Sleeve cotton shirt and undershirts. Made from New Old Stock rolls of American tubular cotton rib knit, that were recently found in an old warehouse in California.
Assorted colors and rib styles (heavy to baby ribs), all 100% cotton.

* An all original Mister Freedom® pattern, inspired by 1930’s-40’s men’s undershirts, vintage USN and “Marine Francaise” Flight Deck jerseys, vintage Duofold thermals, early sport warm-ups…
* Limited sizes available, depending on original width of the tubular fabric, from 15” to 20”.
* Vintage knit undershirt fit (sleeves fall above the wrist to prevent sticking out of the work/uniform shirt), cotton rib jersey will stretch to size when pulled.
* Contrast wide cuffs and webbing, cut from vintage cotton NOS rib fabric. Some models with blind stitch hem or over-locked bottom.
* Original MF® graphics, hand screened in-house with waterbased ink, custom mixed colours. Shirts also available solid/no print.
* 100 % cotton unbleached thread contrast stitching, 4 needle flat lock machine construction.
* All made in the USA.

(Washed/Preshrunk. Assorted sizes S to XL. Retail from $129.95 to $189.95)
Call (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com for enquiries and availability. We ship world wide.
Due to heavy demand and calls, our limited deck hands thank you for your patience in addressing your phone or mail request.



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