Mister Freedom® MFSC Fall/Winter 2012 teaser

MFSC Fall 2012 Swatch Board

Just got back from Tokyo where we showed our Fall 2012 “Men of the Frontier” Collection…

Above is a little Swatch Board teaser of the fabrics we will be using: Some exclusively milled in Japan for MFSC, some NOS american denim, some recycled vintage textiles and NOS hardware…
And still no spandex 😯
Again not an easy route, corner cutting or trend following collection, but if we may say so ourselves… we don’t hate it 😉
And, like Ol’ Blue Eyes, we did it our way.

You will ultimately be the judge when it is released in the US, around September 2012. It will be manufactured both in Japan and California, USA, while y’all enjoyin’ fun days at the beach.

This collection will consist of the following MFSC® Original items:
* the DROVER Blouse
* the FARO Sack Coat
* the FARO Waistcoat
* the Britches CHAPARRAL
* the RENO Shirt
* the RANCH HAND Shirt
* the BUCKAROOS Waist Overalls
* the FRONTIER Chinos

Thank you to all the attendees & participants, to the Toyo Enterprises hard working team and friends for a successful and busy show.
And many thanks to all of you for your continued support.



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